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Falling house prices and higher interest rates are a price worth paying for Brexit, according to many Leave voters.

Research by YouGov found that various ‘worst-case scenarios’ predicted by the Bank of England were seen as being worth it in the minds of Leave voters.

According to The Times, 56% of Leave voters said interest rates rising to 4% would be a price worth paying for Brexit, compared to just 16% who don’t.

Brexiteers were also more likely to see falling house prices as a price worth paying, at 52% versus 20%, according to the report.

But they were split on the warning that unemployment could rise, with 35% seeing it as a price worth paying and 35% thinking it’s not a price worth paying.

The same went for the value of the pound falling (34% on both sides) and inflation rising (36% thinking it would be a price worth paying and 32% saying not).

YouGov quizzed people on individual worst-case scenarios set out by the Bank of England.

But its research also suggested that Leave voters are less likely to be worried about the scenario than Remainers.

According to The Times, while overall 77% of Brits think the Bank of England’s project rise in unemployment to 7.5% would be a bad thing – this works out at 69% or Leave voters, compared to 91% of Remainers.

And while just 1% of overall Britons see a GDP drop to be a good thing, it works out at 16% of Leave voters compared to 4% of Remain voters.

Source: Yahoo News UK

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