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Policymakers would be “deeply arrogant” to assume financial markets or other forecasters are definitely wrong about the outlook for interest rates or the broader economy, Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane said on Tuesday.

Last week BoE Governor Mark Carney said investors were underestimating how much interest rates could rise, even as the British central bank kept borrowing costs on hold due to Brexit uncertainty.

Haldane said in a question and answer session after a lecture at the University of Sheffield that due to unusually high economic uncertainty related to Brexit, it was reasonable for others to take a different view on the outlook to the bank.

“I think such is the uncertainty right now – for all sorts of reasons, all sorts of obvious reasons about the future course of the economy, it’s not in anyone’s interests to say the markets are wrong and we are right. That would be deeply arrogant,” he said.

“It’s implausible that anyone has a crystal ball on how the economy will evolve. Last week we gave the Bank of England’s view on the economy, having made some assumptions about, for example, how Brexit might play out. Time will tell whether that view comes to pass,” Haldane added.

Reporting by David Milliken, editing by James Davey

Source: UK Reuters

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