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The latest quarterly statistics on new housebuilding and affordable housing supply have been released by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

In the year to end September 2019, 24,873 new build homes were started across all sectors. This was a 4,876 (24%) increase on the previous year and the highest number of homes started since 2007.

Private-led starts increased by 4,516 homes (34%), local authority starts increased by 377 homes (22%) and housing association approvals decreased slightly by 17 homes (0.3%). The total number of homes started across both housing associations and local authorities increased by 360 homes (5%).

The number of new build homes completed increased to 21,805, a rise of 2,972 new homes (16%) on the previous year and the highest number of completions since 2008. There was also a 19% increase in private sector new build homes from the previous year, with 2,668 completed. Housing association completions increased by 230, a 6% increase, while completions for local authorities rose by 74, an increase of 5%.

In the year to end December 2019, 9,317 homes were delivered through the Affordable Housing Supply Programme, an increase of 61 homes on the previous year.

In the same period 11,829 affordable homes were approved, a 6% decrease on the previous year, while 10,765 homes were started, an increase of 4%.

Source: Scottish Government

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